SKALE is an end-to-end loan origination system that digitizes manual loan origination processes in micro-banking and finance companies. It is a cloud-based solution backed by industry-leading security technologies and concepts and integrates flawlessly with core banking systems available in the market like Premier Bank Platform, FIS, Temenos, and many others.

For digital files and documents safekeeping, it is already integrated with enterprise-grade document management system, Enadoc. It also analyzes the credit worthiness of the loan applicants based on the CRIB report.

Up your loan processing and origination processes with SKALE!

Data Capture and Fraud Detection

Optimize and secure your loan processes in one single interface.

Dashboard View

Keep track of the loan status requests and other crucial time-bounded transaction phases.

Automated Approvals

With set parameters, the system can interpret the approval path, saving processing time and lessening unwanted errors.

Integration & Signal R Technology

The system can integrate with core system and pull existing data without overlapping/duplication of workload.

Prompt loan processing

Operate in a zero-downtime loan platform and increase your customer satisfaction rating.

Efficient workflow and cost

Refocus your efforts to more important tasks without busting the bank.

Up your loan processing and origination processes with SKALE!